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Playstation 3


This is my documentation on modding your Playstation 3, and how to play transfer your Playstation 3 games to your PC.

The laws in countries can vary, here in Norway, its legal to make a personal copy of the medium even if you break the copy-protection or DRM. (For legal reasons: Don't take my word for it)

Modding your Playstation 3


First of all, you will need to install HFW (Hybrid Firmware) on your Playstation 3

To do this you will need to do the following on your PC:

  1. Format a USB flash drive with FAT32 filesystem, you will need guiformat if you are using the latest version of Windows 10.
  2. Download HFW and extract the content in a folder on your flash drive.
  3. Download multiMAN and extract the content to a folder on your flash drive.
  4. Make a folder named PS3, and a subfolder named UPDATE.
  5. Move the HFW_x.xx.x_PS3UPDAT.PUP from your HFW folder to PS3/UPDATE, and rename the file to PS3UPDAT.PUP

This is an example of how the structure should look like


Then eject the Flash drive from your PC.

Install Firmware and multiMAN

Connect the Flash drive to your Playstation 3.

To install the Firmware, go to Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media.

After installing the Firmware, go to your web browser and launch the website "" and go to PS3HEN > HEN installer, i prefer using the Alternate installer instead of the Main one.

Follow the instructions further (Initialize, open and close Remote Play, then click Install HEN)

You will now get a new icon under Game called Enable HEN, you will need to click this now, and after every boot of your PS3 to use plugins like multiMAN.

To install multiMAN, you will need to go to Game > Package Manager > Install Package Files > Standard and click the multiMAN .pkg file.

Making a copy of your games

To make a copy of the physical games, you have two choises of making a copy.

  1. Use a Blu-ray player, and a PC
  2. Use a Playstation 3

If you want to make a copy of your downloaded games (Playstation Store), you will need a Playstation with multiMAN installed.

Blu-ray player

Download and run ps3-disc-dumper

This program will then lookup if a matching ird exists on, if it exists, then the program will look something like this, and you are ready to start the dumping process:

If however the ird does not exist, it will then show up like this:

If you get no match on ird, you may be out of luck, unless you find the ird file you need online.
You should however try the other method of dumping your game.

Playstation 3 (Disc)

Enable HEN (If you have not done that already), and open multiMAN.

Go to Game, you will then find your game there.

Click , then you get two choises:

  1. Copy, this will copy the files of the game to a folder, this is very useful for emulators like RPCS3.
  2. Create ISO, this will create a .iso file, this is easy to transfer between your Playstation and PC, but is not very useful in an emulator like RPCS3.

On these options, you can either copy to the internal drive, or external drive.

You can also use the FTP server in multiMAN to transfer the games to your PC (Without a external drive).
Its by default enabled, username and password is blank.

Playstation 3 (Downloaded)

Transfer game

Your games can be transfered by using an external drive, or using FTP.

Downloaded games is located in the folder /dev_hdd0/game/.

Google the game id's to be sure that you copy the right Game.

Its pretty strait forward to copy games via FTP, just drag and drop the game's folder to your PC (If the game has a lot of files, FTP may time out, if this happens, i recommend using option 3 instead).

Go to mmCM > File Managaer, navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/, click on the game with , and click on Copy
Then navigate to your USB drive, usually /dev/usb001/, click on , and click on Paste.

Go to mmCM > File Managaer, navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/, click on the game with , and click on Copy
Then navigate to your USB drive, usually /dev/usb001/, click on , and click on Paste as ISO.

Making a .rap license file

After transfering the Game, and you want to use it on a emulator like RPCS3, you will need to make a .rap file with your act.dat, idps and .rif files.

Your act.dat and .rif file can be found in /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/ on your PS3.

The act.dat is your PS3, and is only needed to copy once.
The .rif is each game you have downloaded on your PS3.

To make your idps file, you will need to find your idps value by doing one of the following:

  1. Using with HEN
  2. Find IDPS with multiMAN:
    You can find IDPS under Settings > System Information (if IDPS is not listed, go to: mmCM > Switch to multiMAN mode first)

After finding IDPS (32 characters), then you need to put it in a hex editor, and save the file as idps.

After getting the files, you can use rif2rap.exe, or use a automated way of using rif2rap.exe:
Playstation-tools can also be used for the next step (Updating games in RPCS3)

Please choose one of the following:

Your folder structure, should look like this:


Open PowerShell
cd to your directory (Excample: cd C:\Users\user\Documents\keys\)
Run .\playstation-tools.ps1

This will provide you with an interactive toolbox where you can either make a .rap file, or find update files for your games in RPCS3 (Next step).

The script will ask you to put the files in place if you havent done that already.
If you have multiple .rif files, it will make .rap files of every one of them.

Your folder structure should look like this:


Open CMD
cd to your directory (Excample: cd C:\Users\user\Documents\keys\)
Run the conversion: rif2rap.exe "EP9000-NPEA00423_00.rif"

You should now have gotten a new file, a .rap file

To add your .rap file to RPCS3, go to File > Install Packages/Raps, and choose the .rap file you made.

Game updates

In RPCS3, you will automatically get an update notification if a Game update is available.

If you use playstation-tools, Game update .pkg will automatically be downloaded to your PC after inputting your Game serial.

Or you can find the Game-patch XML in<serial>/<serial>-ver.xml
From here, you will find the url in the XML contents

Example of XML

To Apply this update in RPCS3, go to File > Install Packages/Raps and choose the .pkg you downloaded.

Important ending notes